Visual Effect Course

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Course Topics

ADCP –Compositing Pro

(Duration: 12 months)

  • Foundation of digital compositing
  • Node and layer compositing
  • Color theory
  • USC Matte Composite
  • Blending mode
  • Working with color
  • Work with chroma scene
  • Method of edge blending
  • 2D motion tracking
  • 3D motion tracking
  • Camera projection in 3d space
  • Advance match moving
  • Mutli pass compositing
  • 3d set design using Matte paint
  • Time control
  • Smart vector tool set
  • Day to night compositing
  • Character morphing


The potential uses for a certification in composition are as varied as the creative options. Compositing artists produce the final versions of multimedia projects in addition to working in the media sector. A certification in composition has as fascinating a future as the jobs it can lead to. Production companies, news organisations, and entertainment channels are all in need of professional editors and compositors in this industry due to the increased demand.

  • Compositing artist
  • Roto artist
  • Cleanup Artist

Companies in Animation and VFX Industry…

Our Student Works

We all have an artist within us. Here are some of our artist who has done extra-ordinary work while studying from Starblast Animation.