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Visual Effect Course

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Course Topics

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ADVP – Advance VFX PRO

(Duration: 15 months)

  • Production Pipeline
  • History of VFX
  • VFX workflow
  • Introduction to digital art
  • Drawing fundamental for shape
  • Roto for VFX
  • Roto for stereo
  • Roto using tracking
  • Motion roto technique
  • Advance roto
  • Create matte
  • Matte Rendering
  • Foundation of art and VFX
  • Introduction to digital paint & clean up
  • Concept of clean plate
  • Sequence paint
  • Wire removal
  • Rig remove
  • Marker remove
  • Face cleanup
  • Shrink
  • Camera tracking using paint
  • Advance VFX paint
  • Work with Chroma scene
  • Use matte and composite


In today’s world VFX is in high demand and requires professional skills and knowledge. To make it into the world of VFX and filmmaking, join Visual Effects courses after 12th. Starblast offers a comprehensive set of VFX course in India which will help establish a successful career. Train under some of the top professionals at the best vfx courses in India. The detailed and job oriented courses at Starblast will lead the way and help with future job opportunities.

  • Roto Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • Prep Artist

Companies in Animation and VFX Industry…

88 anibrain assemblage byjuse digital-domain
dneg frame-store future-work hula makuta
mpc philm prime-focus R red-chillies
technicolor toonz vfx-wala xentrix-studio zynga

Our Student Works

We all have an artist within us. Here are some of our artist who has done extra-ordinary work while studying from Starblast Animation.

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