Top 10 Animation Styles You Need To Know

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Animation is the beauty that happens beyond reality. It is an excellent way of expressing your emotions and message to people. It is a profession that depends on your power of imagination. Moreover, animation is the best form of video marketing. It's highly engaging and speaks your message while giving it an emotional touch.

You can teach your imagination on every task. Be it emotional, comedy or informational video, animation is blooming in every field. Even motivational channels use animation techniques to convey a message. However, there are a ton of animation types that make it difficult for you to choose the best 3D animation course.

Do You Need Clarification About Which Animation Style To Learn About?

Here are ten different animation styles that you can choose from:

2d Vector Animation: Marketers use 2D Vector Animation to make most of their videos. Computer software with vectors is put to use in creating animated shapes. You can modify and scroll the images automatically with the help of this software. You must ensure to update the software more often. You get smooth 2D visuals with this process. It is best for storytelling videos. It would help if you used it to communicate an important message quickly.

Hand Drawing: It is how traditional animations were done when software didn't exist. It is when you draw looks with a pencil on paper. You draw every animation with your hands. This animation style imbibes a personal touch and gives a customized feel to the final product.

3D Animation: It is the most used animation format in videos and movies today. Unlike 2D vector animation, you use 3D objects to create the animated video. You use 3D props and characters to create this animation. 3D character animation courses are the best to learn more about these props & images. After creating the images, you can quickly use the software to interpolate their movements in different/same frames. You can opt for a 3D animation course to learn the basics of this animation style.

Motion Graphics: In this animation style, texts and shapes tell the story. You use the digital tools to write and draw these shapes. There is a mixture of graphs, texts and charts to make a beautiful, entertaining and engaging video. It is beneficial to turn boring data into interesting facts for the viewers. Your audience is more likely to watch such videos. Motion Graphics is the most affordable animation compared to the other styles. However, you get a lot with investing less. Be smart in using soothing music, images and narration to make your video viral.

Rotoscope Animation: This animation style was introduced at the beginning of animation days. The human movements are recorded to create natural film images and animations. This style captures real moments and movements and creates their natural copy in a few minutes. You can track video footage movements and automatically turn them into animations.

Live Animation: Live animation is the integration between images and real-life videos. For example:

  • The use of floating labels on objects
  • Animated arrows and lines

Such live animation helps to explain the real-life happening. New-age video editing software make this process easy in 2023.

Pinscreen Animation: Pinscreen animation was the foundation of Alexandre Alexeieff. He was a popular French animator in the 1930s. The method includes using a board with metal pins and creating an animation narrative. It works similarly to a computer pixel.

Screencast Animation: Screencast animation is a simple yet effective animation technique. This animation style turns your pictures and image creations into informative & exciting videos. The sole use of this style is for UI and software companies. They use it to demonstrate how their software works.

Typography Animation: You can use the 2D vector animation method to do it. It is the best method to talk and show statistical and survey data. Emotional and inspirational videos also focus on this animation style to deliver an effective message.

Flipbook Animation: It is the simplest animation technique of all to communicate your message. It is as simple as the hand-drawn animation style. You must have witnessed this animation style on TikTok or Instagram reels. In this animation, you draw a flowing image on every book page. When you flick the papers rapidly, you see a story happening in 15 seconds. However, this limitation makes this animation style suitable only for Instagram.


There are a ton of animation styles to learn and choose from. It is when a good VFX and 3D animation course helps you learn more. Kolkata's best 3D animation course is now open to teach you everything about animation and VFX.

With a team of brilliant and highly experienced professionals, we are the best bet for you. It will be less of a lecture and more of a collaboration to help you master the VFX and 3D character animation course. If you want to learn VFX at an affordable cost, enrol now.

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