List of 5 Best Free VFX Software for VFX Course Beginners


The need for the best free VFX software is growing as the field of visual effects expands quickly. Visual effects, or VFX course, are produced in movies and television ads by fusing real footage and computer graphics. In reality, VFX artists can choose from a variety of animation technologies and constantly transition between them to produce truly attractive visualized compositions.

Here's the list to best VFX Software you need to try!

best VFX Software

Adobe After Effects

The best tool to use to add interesting effects to your film is After Effects. However, you must set aside some time to learn how each unique feature and tool operates. You may discover tools to make fantastic broadcast-quality, film-ready animations and titles here, and the entire toolkit is deserving of special kudos.

Rotoscoping is another outstanding function that is essential when you want to provide your clips with amazing visual effects. Although this special effects tool works with both Windows and Mac OS, you can only download it to your computer through Adobe's Creative Cloud. For: professional and beginners



The fact that the programme is cross-platform is one of its key benefits. A wide variety of 3D graphics creation tools are available in Blender. Here, you can manipulate Blender animations, control individual particle weights while texturing, manage particle systems, and employ external phenomena like wind.

The software boasts of object tracking, which greatly accelerates work when combined with 3D visuals. As a result, you may import RAW video, track it, mask some of it, and live-reconstruct camera movements in a 3D scene.

hitfilms express

Hitfilms Express

Start with HitFilm Express if you enjoy video editing and want to improve your abilities by becoming an expert in visual effects. Simply download the application, get familiar with the user-friendly interface, and you'll make stunning visual content.

The software enables compound video editing and includes a large selection of visual effects (more than 140 choices). The programme may be learned quickly thanks to the user-friendly design and the abundance of video tutorials and guidance. HitFilm Express is among the best free VFX programmes available thanks to all of the aforementioned features. Therefore, you may create a movie from scratch or utilise one that already exists, download the necessary software, upload the video, install the VFX freeware, and begin creating jaw-dropping visual effects that will not fail to impress.


Krita software

Krita appears to be a wonderful alternative if you are just starting your profession and are seeking for a straight forward VFX editing application. The programme may be installed on even outdated PCs because it is resource-tolerant.

People who routinely use Krita laud its clean UI, reliable performance, and useful, adaptable features. Here, you may easily and quickly carry out any common actions with images and graphics. There are tools made expressly for 3D and VFX editing by artists. You may create custom overlays and textures and then export them to different programmes. The collection of painting tools is quite impressive, and you can use it to create precise lines, vanishing points, and complex patterns. Moreover, there is assistance for layers and


Nuke software

There is a very lengthy list of businesses and freelance video editors who utilise Nuke for their work. Among them are well-known companies like DreamWorks Animation, Blizzard Entertainment, and Walt Disney Animation Studios. Even with the most difficult projects, this node-based VFX programme utilised in Hollywood has produced amazing results.

The ability to work with not only video layers and the effects mode, but also to perform simple video editing, colour grading, and add unique effects, sets Nuke Studio apart from other compositing tools. For more such updates on the best softwares do checkout recent blogs on Starblast the best VFX institute in Kolkata. There are many VFX studio in Kolkata but yes! They will supervise you the best.

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