Take Your Career to a New Height with VFX and 3D Animation

Take Your Career to a New Height with VFX and 3D Animation


All of us have grown up watching cartoons and their animated characters. Animated movies are something which is equally popular among children as well as grown-ups. Earlier 2D animation or what is now deemed as traditional animation technique was used to create fascinating characters. With the advancement of technology we now have 3D animation which has opened up doors of possibilities. The industry of animation is witnessing massive growth as its application is growing day by day. In today’s world, visual media is omnipresent and we encounter it in every sphere of life. At this juncture, the people who have proved to be indispensable are the VFX artists and animators. As the world of animation is teeming with opportunities, people who have successfully completed an animation course can easily launch their careers in this industry.

What is VFX?

Visual Effects or VFX is the process by which an image or video is manipulated and recreated to enhance it. The supernatural feats achieved by the superheroes in the movies are all created with the help of VFX. Unlike Special Effects (SFX), VFX is produced digitally and generally involves the integration between actual footage and this computer-assisted manipulated imagery to create realistic looking environments as per the requirement. The environments which are thus created are either too precarious or expensive to be shot in real life or depict worlds that are fantastical. In order to create this a particular VFX software along with Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) is used.

3D Animation

3D or three-dimensional Animation is the process by which animated characters are made to feel as if real. Unlike the earlier 2D animation, 3D animation offers more realistic and convincing body movements and gestures. A classic example of a 2D or two-dimensional cartoon is Tom and Jerry which now seem dated with the advent of digitally evolved 3D animation which is more extensive and expensive as it also adds the aspect of depth to it. While 2D animation was about frames, 3D animation is about movements.

Skills Required

If you are interested to pursue a career in this industry, there is a certain set of skills that you must possess. Apart from commendable technical skills, you should also have an artistically inclined and imaginative bent of mind. It is important to be creative in nature as it will allow you to envision scenarios that will be translated onto the screen. A keen eye for paying attention to detail and incorporating them is required. Good visual awareness is something inevitable as this will help you to judge whether something is aesthetically pleasing or not. You have to be passionate and deeply interested in the likes of animation, cartoons, and visual graphics. Additionally, you have to be a team player and have impeccable organisational skills.

Scope of Career in VFX and 3D Animation

There are several fields in which you might choose to work in once you have entered this industry. You might choose to work in any of the following industries such as filmmaking, games, television, and academia among others. Some of the job positions you can pursue within these industries include animation design, game design, graphics, storyboarding, 3D modelling, texturing and lighting, 2D and 3D animation.

You can work in the capacity of either a Post-Production artist or a Pre-Production artist. Composting artist, VFX artist, and Rotoscoping Artist in Post-Production and Character Animator, Layout Artist, and Concept Artist in Pre-Production are some of the available roles. If you are thinking of doing a course in animation, do not forget to check out the diverse courses offered by Starblast Animation which is a leading VFX institute in Kolkata. Consider enrolling in Starblast’s 3D animation courses in Kolkata in order to build your career in your field of passion.