Know More About VFX In Leo And How The Movie Was Digitally Shaped

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The film 'Leo' has been in the news for over a few months now. Every small update about Leo is exciting to the audience, and people are dancing with joy. The movie features Thalapathy Vijay as the lead actor. Leo is a Lokesh Kanagaraj direction. The trailer of the movie was released recently, and the VFX shots are looking incredible in it.

The director revealed that Leo will have a lot of technical values and VFX advancements. There is also a 10-minute-long action sequel of Vijay and Hyena. The Hyena is a VFX creation. He also said the challenges in directing the scene were many. You will find a glimpse of the action scene in the trailer, too. The team and Vijay have added a ton of effort in the car chase sequence as well.

For the action to VFX generation, everything was done in a scrutinized manner. Every minute detail is taken care of with VFX. The trailer also shows the efforts of the VFX team in both the action and car chase sequences.

Keep reading to know more on the role VFX has played in Leo. If you harbour a healthy interest in animation and VFX, we will give you the best online VFX courses that can help you to hone your skills!

The Director On Leo's VFX

VFX of the leo movie

The director is optimistic that the audience will love the movie's VFX. Even before starting the movie shoot, the CGI work was in progress. It took a lot of work for the team to bring together VFX and the real-time action in the movie.

The important roles were that of Trisha, Arjun, and Sanjay Dutt. The movie also has charismatic music video VFX. Also, the music is created by Anirudh. Leo releases on October 19, 2023. While the movie was done with 60% of the shoot, the CGI was already in progress. The movie has also required a lot of graphic work.

Moreover, the two biggest VFX studios in the globe have worked on the VFX of the movie. The sequence with Hyena and Vijay is going to be the highlight of the movie.If you wish to work in a similar capacity with production houses and animation studios, you must immediately get into an effective VFX training online course and learn the relevant skills!

More About Leo

visuals of the movie

Most of the shoots of the movie took place in Chennai on May 5. Vijay, Trisha, and Sanjay Dutt have shot major VFX sequences in the movie. The director, Lokesh Kanagaraj, has hinted that Leo is part of Lokesh's Cinematic experience. The universe includes other movies, including Kaithi and Vikram.

The movie's stunt duo went viral on the internet. The camera unboxing of Komodo-X was also posted to show its usage in the making of the movie. The movie trailer undoubtedly portrays a powerful gangster film. The audience is going wild about the release of the movie after watching the trailer. Thalapathy fans are rushing to the nearby theatres to experience the VFX and visuals of the movie.

The movie will be released in various languages and versions, including Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi. A slightly edited version of Leo was released in the UK. It has a 15+ rating in the UK. The movie was released in IMAX form in the United Kingdom. The movie was also released in Bangladesh on the day of the worldwide release. Leo is the first ever Tamil film to be released in 999 locations in North America. It is also the first movie to premiere on October 18, 2023.

Audience Reaction and Expectation

best vfx work in leo movie

The audience is excited and happy to watch Thalapathy on the big screen. Plus, the touch of charismatic VFX and visual experience is dragging the fans to the theatre. The comments section on YouTube under the movie trailer is filled with appreciation and love.

The VFX and its effect on the end of the movie will be a treat to watch and experience in the theatre. The filmmakers have used VFX to create additional sets, enhance the beauty of existing sets, and create animal-like hyenas. Leo film is a VFX-heavy movie and is believed to surpass international standards.

Tollywood always comes up with fresh and unique VFX ideas. With movies like Bahubali, KGF, and now Leo, they are breaking world records in filmmaking. Leo is believed to be a super hit at the box office across various states. Moreover, it is believed to reach top engrossing numbers in abroad countries as well.

It would be best if you didn’t miss out on this next-best Vijay movie. The VFX and the entire cast will surely not disappoint you at any cost.


VFX has played a vital role in the entire movie. Without VFX, the movie might have taken a long time to shoot, edit, and release. Hence, VFX has helped the filmmakers in wrapping up the movie in a short time.

However, using VFX in the right way is still a challenging task. Only experienced VFX artists can give the best input in a movie. Hence, it is important to have an all-around knowledge and experience of VFX before entering the filmmaking industry.

It is only after the introduction and adoption of VFX that the Indian film industry has flourished and is reaching great advancements. If you have a penchant for sketching and an aesthetic flavour, make sure to get into a VFX course online or offline to learn everything there is to know!

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