Is It Good To Do A VFX Course For A Bright Future?


A VFX course helps you control the things and images you create using software. The things impossible to capture in real life are achieved using VFX. You become a master in preparing VFX, 3D and 2D animation after taking a VFX course.

It is an excellent career option for you to take a VFX course after the 12th. If you’re goal and career-oriented, this is for you. However, you need to master the foundation first to take advantage of the course. After the course completion, you’ll also see many job and work-from-home opportunities.

Why Must You Take A VFX Course After The 12th For A Better Career?

Increase Employment Opportunities: As mentioned, the VFX course opens many job opportunities for you in the future. You’re always career-read. You might also get into various work opportunities from the institute itself.

Get Paid Well: You get an excellent salary and employee benefits when you work as a VFX professional for renowned companies. If you take up a VFX course after the 12th at a good institute, you also take away experience and ability from the institute.

Learn Great Animation Skills: A good VFX professional or institute provides the best, high-end animation lessons. They have fantastic animation labs and studios to help you learn better. You’re up to date about industry-related tools.

Get Artistic Freedom: Only a few jobs allow you to use your creativity at work. However, VFX provides the best artistic freedom. You can develop your ideas and bring amazing results to a company. Hence, you’ll end up landing the best jobs across the globe.

The Job Opportunities for A VFX Professional

The work chances for animation students are increasing every day. You can work in several fields after completing your VFX course. A few fields you can get a job at are:

  • Gaming
  • Movies
  • Advertising
  • Media firms
  • IT industry
  • Education
  • Television

You can pursue a few job roles after completing the VFX course after 12.


3D Artist Professional: 3D artists or CGI artists use images to create visual animation. You can use any form of images, such as locations and characters. You can work as a 3D animation professional for movies, video games and television.

Design Website for Various Companies: As a web designer student, you learn how to build various web pages. Additionally, coding web pages and planning website design becomes easy for a website designer. Students also learn to use their technical skills to meet customer requirements.

  • Have a one-on-one discussion with clients and know their requirements
  • Come up with website specifications
  • Sample page layout designing
  • Planning the font colour, size and style
  • Graphic Designing
  • Animations

And there are many more responsibilities that you’d have to fulfil as a web designer.

Artist for Visual Effects: VFX artists are responsible for the creation of beautiful visuals. These visuals are digital and appealing to the human eye. Your responsibility is to integrate effects into real-life action. VFX is usually found in television and films. Nowadays, it is common in the gaming world, too.

VFX artists use their technical knowledge and expertise to create brilliant visuals such as crowds, stunts, creatures and scenery of nature.

Work as A Graphic Designer: Graphic designers are responsible for creating appealing graphics for:

  • Social media
  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • And for papers.

Your role will be to develop creative ideas, thoughts, images, visuals and layouts. These graphics are usually created for products, websites, and company logos. The size and arrangement of the website content also depend on your illustrations.

Video Game Developer: Video game developers or programmers are responsible for creating codes for various platforms, such as:

  • Laptops
  • Desktops
  • Browsers
  • Mobile browsers
  • And, switch phones.

They strive to bring the video game designer’s idea to life with video animation, sounds and pictures.

Cartoon Animation: Cartoon animators work for films, television and advertisements. Their role is to create cartoons on paper or by using any software. The next step is to create an array of pictures with special effects.

And these are a few job opportunities open worldwide for an animator. Therefore, you must consider enrolling on a VFX course after the 12th.


A VFX course after the 12th will help you get several work chances in the future. Give your time for the course and training process to see beneficial results. If you have the zeal to do something different with your creative imagination, this course is for you.

Nevertheless, you need excellent observation and technical skills to become a professional artist. You can learn more about the VFX course fees in Kolkata by visiting the website. It also includes all the information regarding the courses offered, syllabus and other important details. Get excellent VFX design assistance after the 12th from the best institute in Kolkata.

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