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Would The Magic Of Salaar Have Been Possible Without VFX?

salaar movie vfx

After the release of the teaser and disappointed reaction to the direction with the VFX, director Prashanth Neel has decided to postpone the release of the movie. Salaar is now expected to be released in January 2024.

The teaser of Salaar, starring superstar Prabhas, was launched on 6th July 2023. Fans and viewers of actor Prabhas were excited to watch the movie. The audience was charged up about the upcoming film of Prabhas. However, the director has decided to make a few changes to the VFX of the movie. Hence, the release is now postponed to January next year.

The director is willing to take his good time to redo the VFX and give the audience a much better movie. It is an excellent way of making the necessary amends and delivering the best result.

Today, we will be taking a look at the VFX concepts used in Salaar, as well as one of the best places to get your VFX training in Kolkata, so you too can become a part of this emerging industry!

VFX and Salaar

VFX has become an integral part of producing action movies in 2023. Great directors like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Rohit Shetty, and many others are relying on VFX to produce and direct record-breaking movies.

Prabhas in salaar movie visual effects

The entire production of Salaar relied on advanced FX techniques. Thanks to advancing technology, VFX has made filmmaking easy for the directors. You don't have to change hundreds of locations and deal with dangerous animals to make a movie. Salaar, being an action movie, has made the best use of VFX techniques. If you wish to learn these VFX techniques for yourself, getting into an online VFX training institute is the easiest way to do it.

Due to the VFX used in the movie and shown in the teaser of Salaar, it is expected to rank higher in the box-office collection list. VFX has improved the viewer's experience in the past few years. A few VFX movies that hit the box office were Avengers, Avatar, Black Panther, and Captain Marvel. After the release of Salaar's teaser, it is expected to be the next big Prabhas movie.

VFX in the movie has helped the filmmaker extraordinarily convey the story. The use of FX tools and techniques has improved the entire look and feel of the movie. Today, directors and producers have a sense of power in reinventing the visual experience. We have come a long way, yet there is a long way to go in terms of our VFX journey. Salazar has used VFX to:

  • Create and add locations, sets, and stunts
  • Create virtual worlds
  • Build time-consuming sets in no time
  • Expand the existing sets
  • Add computer-generated imagery

The movie has varied spots where creative VFX is used majorly. Salaar will turn your on-screen visual experience into a compelling one.

Prabhas has done a great job in acting and showing his action skills in the teaser. The poster of the movie teaser takes action and visual effects to another level. The teaser will definitely bring you to the theatres for the real-time experience of VFX.

Audience Reaction and Expectation

vfx movie of prabhas

Before the launch of the teaser, the public was expecting its VFX to be similar to KGF's. However, after the teaser release, the public was stunned to see the visual effects. Moreover, the fact that the movie is in two parts excites the audience the most. They can't wait to watch this blockbuster of Prabhas. With the strong introduction of Prabhas in the teaser, the movie has created a new fan base of Prabhas fans. After the failure of Adipurush, Salaar is expected to be the best VFX movie of Prabhas in 2024.

The name of the movie, "Salaar Part one- Ceasefire," also gives a slight hint about the movie's storyline. The entry of Prithviraj in the teaser has also given goosebumps to the viewers. People are expecting to see an excellent VFX and get tremendous visual experience in the movie.

Prabhas in Salaar

best vfx movie salaar

The Bahubali star is back with a new blockbuster. Salaar:Part 1 – Ceasefire teaser shows the great use of VFX around the action scenes. The movie makers have very well merged the cinematic experience with real-life shots in the teaser. After watching the teaser, you'll be convinced that it isn't a VFX movie because it looks quite realistic that way. After acting in VFX-heavy movies like Bahubali and Adipurush, Prabhas has yet again tried a new VFX concept with Salaar.


The movie teaser is an excellent example of how VFX plays a key role in storytelling by generating elements, creatures, and nature. It allows the filmmakers to add depth and experience to the movies. VFX is essential to engage the audience and make the movie appealing to them. With VFX, directors and filmmakers can expand their existing sets and build sets for action. It also helps enhance the cinematic experience. Hence, VFX is a crucial tool in filmmaking for the next few decades. Also, it is going to grow and evolve better in the future. Therefore, if you're interested in filmmaking, strive to learn and expand your VFX knowledge from today. Keep following this space for more info on best VFX institutes, VFX course fees in Kolkata.

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