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How Long Will It Take to Complete a VFX Course?

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VFX is present in every possible action movie today. Be it Hollywood, Bollywood, or Hollywood, VFX is everywhere. But have you ever wondered what VFX means?

It is a procedure of creating imagery or manipulating the outside shot in filmmaking or video production. The integration between the live-action footage and CGI elements is known as VFX (Visual effects).

The live-action footage includes in-camera special effects. The generated images are usually digital, animals, and other creatures. These VFX elements make the impossible possible. It helps in capturing dangerous, time-consuming, and impossible film on camera. Filmmakers use visual effects software and computer-generated imagery for VFX purposes.

Moreover, it is easy to use the VFX tools and software for creating images.

What Are The Roles of VFX Artist In The VFX Field?

VFX brings a ton of work opportunities in the future. The best example of a successful career in VFX is filmmaking—the art of creating visual effects and images for every media form. Every media platform and the Internet also uses VFX to make money.

However, the other roles of a VFX artist are:

  • Creating visual effects and animations
  • Visual materials such as a storyboard
  • Enhancing visual elements
  • Offering consultancy services to filmmakers
  • Capture the correct action and visuals

You can learn all about it in the VFX course in Kolkata.

How Much Time Does It Take To Master VFX After The 12th?

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The VFX courses after the 12th will take you a few years to complete. It is also available as a diploma, undergraduate, and graduate degree. You can also take up the certification course for a few months.

Learning VFX takes time and effort. You can master the basics of VFX in a week or a few days. But, the advanced VFX techniques take time to master. You'll get slow and steady training about it at the start.

In a nutshell, the learning time will be hours a day. You must dedicatedly study and learn the VFX styles and types. It can take months or a few years to complete such courses. It can take around one to three years to complete the course. Enroll in the best VFX course in Kolkata.

The Other Factors Determining The Duration Of Course Completion

As mentioned, VFX takes time and effort to master. However, there are a few other factors that determine the time taken to learn this art. These factors are your experience in VFX generation, knowledge about the basics of VFX, and the type of projects you want to work on in the future.

Prior Experience In VFX work: The learning process will be easier if you've previous experience in VFX work. Students familiar with using visual effects and creating live images only need a little training. However, you will also learn comparatively soon if you know how to use specific VFX and Computer-Generated Imagery tools. Additionally, the concepts will be easier to pick if you're from a creative background. The best VFX courses in Kolkata will help you learn the same.

Background In VFX creation: If you're a creative student with knowledge of VFX styles and 3D animation history, your learning pace will speed up at the basics level. Learning how to use the tools is crucial for better VFX generation. However, learning the importance and application of the right tools at the right place takes time. The best thing to do is watch many VFX videos and movies. It is the best way to understand the style, type, and technique practically. Taking up a VFX course after the 12th is the best decision if you want to learn VFX and build a strong foundation.

Why Should You Choose A Career In VFX?

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The VFX companies are continuously introducing new services that require visual effects. One such platform is OTT. The OTT and filmmaking platforms highly use visual effects. It is the best way to use and allocate the budget to the right place optimally.

There are also many new software and machines in the market used for VFX. It is the future of digital cinema, and it is going to evolve in the future. You'll see a ton of growth and advancements in this field in the next few years. Moreover, it is now easy to create fantasy movies with VFX tools and machines. Here are a few upcoming trends you'll notice in the future:

  • 3D movies everywhere
  • The merge of 2D and 3D VFX
  • Sophisticated VFX
  • Retro Motion Graphics
  • Virtual reality

Hence, this is the best time to enroll yourself in the best VFX courses after the 12th exist for students.


Many students say VFX is easier for them as it took them no time to learn. However, it also depends on the institute teaching you VFX. A good institution can make the entire process easy for you, from learning the basics to advancing the course. The best VFX institute in Kolkata with the best VFX courses

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