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How Did VFX Help To Make Tiger 3?

salman khan in tiger 3

The Hollywood production houses were the first to bring in VFX and CGI work in India. It used to be high-budget films. However, now things are changing. The Bollywood industry has changed a lot. Indian filmmakers are now investing in VFX movies. They are finally developing in-house post-production units. Bollywood is no longer dependent on Hollywood to do the job for them.

YFX is one such in-house VFX team of Yash Raj Studios. So far YRF has released a lot of successful VFX films like War, Tiger Zinda Hai, and Pathaan. YRF started creating VFX movies back in 2016 and brought the trend to Bollywood. It is the seventh year of YFX with Tiger 3. They have expanded their team to over ten times the original number.

It is today known as the best post-production house in the world. Sherry Bharda is the head of YFX Studios. Know everything about VFX's growth, budget and how you can become a part of this industry with the help of the best VFX institute in Kolkata.

YFX Studios, Tiger 3, and the VFX Industry in India

vfx in tiger 3

Setting up a VFX studio is challenging. It takes a lot of time and budget. Moreover, production houses also face the challenge of logistics while setting up a team. YFX studios also faced the same issue. However, with Tiger 3 it was already established as a VFX industry. Hence, it didn't face a lot of challenges while making Tiger 3 VFX.

The head of YFX, Sherry, said that they already had a pipeline designed and developed for moving the logistics. Their pipeline was also software agnostic and was able to meet their needs. However, she also added that they are still growing and learning with every movie.

It took over 250 people in the VFX production of Tiger 3. Apart from AI scaling, YFX is ready to take up any new challenges with its upcoming film, Tiger 3. The movie took a lot of machine learning and workflow systems to make it efficient. The artists were focused on creating record-breaking visual effects, as seen in the trailer.

It's the right philosophy of hard work and great workflow that the production house follows to create visual effects. If you wish to inculcate the same in yourself, you should try out the best VFX course in Kolkata as well.

Audience's Reaction to The Trailer and Their Expectation

katrina kaif in tiger 3 vfx

Undoubtedly, the audience is happy to have Salman Khan back on screen with Tiger 3. However, VFX has been highly criticized in recent movies. A few films also faced a lot of backlash due to the visual effects in the past.

But, with the Tiger 3 trailer, the audience is quite impressed and excited about the VFX used in the movie. People are expecting it to live up to their visual expectations. Moreover, the audience's reaction cannot be overlooked when it comes to a VFX movie. The movie industry goes through a ton of scrutiny. YRF studios is also a floor for many directors and filmmakers to work. Hence, they take a lot of feedback and do a ton of projections when it comes to producing a VFX movie.

The head of YRF studios also said that they took audience feedback critically. With the response to Tiger 3's trailer, she feels they have done justice to VFX and the entire movie. The comments section of the Tiger 3 trailer is filled with excitement and appreciation towards the VFX. However, they will still keep evolving and improving with their next movie, the head of YRF added.

Did the Movie Trailer Meet International Standards?

vfx of salman khan in tiger 3

The big Marvel and DC movies are the kind of movies that Indian Cinema has yet to match. However, as compared to the VFX of movies like Adipurush, Tiger 3 has great and realistic visual effects. The VFX artists have done justice to the huge budget of the movie. In the past few years, Tiger 3 has been the most promising trailer to the audience. With Tiger 3, there is a hope that VFX in Indian Cinema will now keep improving in the upcoming movies.

There has been a transformation and renaissance in the world of VFX in the past few years. Visual effects (VFX) have brought a lot to the table of filmmaking. Tiger 3's trailer seems highly appealing and will undoubtedly bring thousands of viewers to the theatres. With a huge budget and stars like Katrina Kaif, Emraan Hashmi, and Salman Khan, the film is believed to hit the blockbuster list.


MThe introduction of VFX in the filmmaking industry is proving to be highly beneficial for small filmmakers. It is growing gradually and will keep growing for the next few decades. With the change and advancements in technology, filmmaking will be a highly profitable business in the near future. If you wish to take the first step towards creating a niche for yourself in this industry, get in touch with the highest rated VFX institute in Kolkata today!

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