Exiting times are ahead for Indian Animation Industry as the demand for local stories is increasing day by day. From Local Kids TV Channels to Web based platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime all are looking towards Indian Animation content.
With such a demand for the Local content there would naturally be demand for the Animation technicians and Artists to convert this dream into a reality.
When I started my career More than 10 years back there were hardly any institutes to study Animation. I am surprised to see even today although there are many 3D Animation institutes, only a handful of them teach the art of animation.
I am hopeful that with the years of experience of working in world class Feature animation projects Arijit and Team will come up with an excellent Animation Institute which not only focuses on the technical aspect of animation but also enriches students with the aesthetic side of it. I wish him best of luck for this project.


Senior Lighter at BRON Animation
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada