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Experts Speaks about STARBLAST ANIMATION

Narendra Deshpande

Narendra Deshpande

COO & Head of Production at Xentrix Studios.
Bangalore Area, India

In today’s fast paced world & with cutting age technology world is moving at fast pace in every field and animation & VFX industry is not adverse to it. To cope up with latest technology it needs well trained and talented resources to produce world class output.
I have known Arijit for last 15 years and I have seen him grow in this industry.
I would like to congratulate Arijit and team for venturing into training segment and sharing their valuable knowledge & experience. I wish them all the very best.

Kaushik Bose

Kaushik Bose

VFX Director at Technicolor,

We are in Golden age of animation/Vfx industry. Along with TV, Film and Gaming industry, Web series and virtual reality creating huge scope for quality contents.
Thanks to Arijit Saha and team for taking responsibility to create future industry expert.
Congratulation to all the students and always explore and enjoy your work.

Kaushik Bose

Karan Reddy

Senior Animator at Double Negative

Do you possess an analytical mind with an inclination towards the arts? Then animation and VFX is the career for you! With an unending range of career prospects and the freedom to express oneself through original and individualistic creative output, animation is a highly sought after field. Having personal experience of many fulfilling years, I promise you that the work is far from boring and will keep you on your toes at all time. It is highly rewarding and the best aspect about this field is the flexibility and satisfaction. India was in dire need of a proper institute that inculcate practical and professional skills into the students so that they do not need to learn the ropes on the job like many of us had to. Hope the Academy will be a great success and will create a platform for aspirants to make it on their chosen career path.

Kaushik Bose

Chetan Sharma

Surfacing Lead Artist at Double Negative
London, United Kingdom

Can you imagine Jurassic Park without the massive thundering dinosaurs? Can you envision a world where the wacky Kung Fu Panda movies were never made? NO, right? The magic you see on the screen would not be possible without the help of the VFX and animation industry which includes some incredibly talented artists with the passion of doing something that has never been done before. The best thing about this industry is that you can never run out of work!!! Every movie you watch, every TV series you binge on has some part or the other enhanced with the help of computer graphics. VFX helps make the impossible possible. The things that cannot be shot using a camera can easily be touched up by advanced software and techniques. VFX helps take the storytelling experience to the next level. If you are one of those people with a creative mind and the passion to create something amazing and surprise the world, then this industry is for you. It’s a fast growing industry with ample job opportunities in both India and abroad. I wish Arijit Saha and his team great success in their mission of guiding innovative students to realise their dreams. I wish you all the very best for your venture.

Kaushik Bose

Vaibhav Dubey

Senior Lighter at BRON Animation
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada

Exiting times are ahead for Indian Animation Industry as the demand for local stories is increasing day by day. From Local Kids TV Channels to Web based platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime all are looking towards Indian Animation content. With such a demand for the Local content there would naturally be demand for the Animation technicians and Artists to convert this dream into a reality. When I started my career More than 10 years back there were hardly any institutes to study Animation. I am surprised to see even today although there are many 3D Animation institutes, only a handful of them teach the art of animation. I am hopeful that with the years of experience of working in world class Feature animation projects Arijit and Team will come up with an excellent Animation Institute which not only focuses on the technical aspect of animation but also enriches students with the aesthetic side of it. I wish him best of luck for this project.

Kaushik Bose

Aljo Thomas

Animator at Weta Digital
Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zealand

I congratulate Arijit Saha and Team for starting a new academy aiming the interested candidates who wants to pursue the Career in animation. With his wide knowledge and experience in the high quality content, I hope this would be a stepping stone to a great success. I wish all the success to the Academy and the students!

Kaushik Bose

Chirag Agarwal

Pipeline Technical Director at ILM, London
London, United Kingdom

The VFX/Animation industry is one of a kind. You get to work on the amazing movies that you have only watched on big screens so far and understand the complex processes involved in making a movie. It involves a lot of iterations of work, planning, teamwork and most importantly the passion to create movies. There are several studios all over the world, innovating and producing magic on a daily basis. I wish Arijit Saha all the very best in his endeavors. I hope everyone benefits from his expertise. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. Always keep your passion ignited and believe in yourself. With time, patience and hard work, everything is possible. All the best!

Kaushik Bose

Jayesh Kapadia

Senior CFX Artist at Sony Pictures Imageworks
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Today's cutting edge technologies and advanced computing has brought immense possibility in each every field. CGI and VFX industry has also took advantage of these technologies with help of creativity to achieve outstanding imagery. While Stereoscopic movies pleasantly surprised viewers in past, latest AR/VR experience taking entertainment business on the next level. Seeing such growth in the industry definitely need the well trained and talented individuals who can combine the art and technical knowledge to produce high quality content. I would like to take an opportunity to congratulate Arijit Saha for taking this bold step to help shape the future of this industry by sharing his hands-on and valuable experience that he gathered while working on award winning movies and content. My heartily congratulations to everyone who is going to get benefited from this Academy and being the part of the creative industry.

Kaushik Bose

Jijesh Nair

Senior Lighting & Compositing Artist at Bardel Entertainment
Vancouver, Canada Area

We have come a long way from the first 3D animated feature film that blew our minds. Today, the Animation and VFX industry has expanded into immense proportions and is growing stronger every day. No movie these days is made without the use of computer graphics (CG). The demand for Animation and VFX content to power immersive experiences such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is growing exponentially. So you can well imagine how vast the scope is. The need for talented artists is on the rise in India as well as abroad. I wish Arijit Saha and his team glorious success in passing on the knowledge you guys have acquired from so many years of industry experience. I am sure you are going to be fruitful in your endeavour. All the very best. And to the aspirants I add that there are very few industries where you can get the space to express yourself and the world of CGI and VFX is one of them. So come dive in.

Kaushik Bose

Mridul Sen

Freelance Character Modeler – Former Lead Modeler in Dreamworks

Such a wonderful initiative by Arijit team, I wish all students a great success in future.

Kaushik Bose

Pradipto Sengupta

CFX Lead AT Dreamworks Animation
Los Angeles

I can talk for hours about the field of animation because it is where my passion and vocation lies. CGI and VFX etc are highly rewarding fields. I have worked in the field for over ten years and I have nothing but positive things to say about it. I have worked with many beautiful people on wonderful projects and the satisfaction at the end will make you go back to it again and again. You will never get tired of working with this industry. The job is demanding but worth it. I congratulate Arijit Saha and team for taking this endeavor. I think that they are all set to provide the aspirant with the skill and knowledge required for the industry. The team has experience in the field and they know exactly what to teach and what would be useful to get jobs and recognition. You all are entering an extremely profitable field and I wish you all the best for your future.

Kaushik Bose

Sachin Tyagi

Lead Creature FX TD at Framestore

First of all many Congratulations to Arijit and team. I wish you and your team all the best and I know you will do well and help animation industry to grow more. I’ve been very lucky to have been in the animation industry since the 2006, and I have lived through my share of big disruptions — most of them having to do with new technologies. What’s going on today is as significant as anything I’ve seen before, but it’s being driven by a whole new set of forces. Animation Industry has changed a lot since I started Animation as a carrier. If you love animation and digital imagery, you’re no longer limited to watching it on a screen. It’s spilling out into the world around us on mobile devices, augmented and virtual reality headsets, immersive smart spaces and holograms, Gaming, Advertising and VR who knows what next? I can see Animation Industry is growing day by day and has lots of Potential to choose Animation as carrier. I Know and worked with Arijit Saha from many years since we met in DreamWorks Animation India. He has lots of experience and understands Industry requirements very well. Which is great because somebody from industry who knows actual dynamics of industry. Most of the institutes in India are run by the businessman who do not have any knowledge about animation industry. I believe Arijit will guide and help lots of students to become animation professionals. I wish all the students best of luck, keep working hard and believe in yourself. You are in awesome industry, lots of opportunities are waiting for you guys. Someone rightly said- Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” – Thomas A. Edison

Kaushik Bose

Sandeep Mohan

Weta Digital, Digital Resources Manager
Wellington & Wairarapa, New Zeala

The Vfx & Animation landscape has evolved in India. We are more than capable of Producing top notch film for the world to see. The global industry recognises India as a solid platform and the talent pool has never been so good. In the past, this has been a challenge. A lot of trial and error, man (and woman) hours wasted trying to fix a problem. This stemmed from lack of proper education or guidance in Animation Vfx. Most of us have learnt the Art while on the job. While this is not a bad thing, you want to better prepare on your first assignment. Whatever it is you wish to do, you need to give it 100% effort. A halfhearted approach won't work. This can't be said more for Vfx/Animation. You could choose to be all-rounder or focus on what interests you the most. Be it Fluid Simulation, Modelling, Lighting, Building a Shader Library, Production Coordination etc. Choose an area that interests you the most and focus on that. Familiarity with how the entire pipeline works goes a long way too. It gives you the knowledge confidence to know how each step of Vfx/ Animation functions. Without knowing this, it is like being left in the dark and not know what direction to take. It is also important to keep yourself constantly updated. Software, Technology and Industry Trends are ever evolving. If you must go back to college to learn something new, and it offers gains to your knowledge and career, do it. There is nothing more satisfying than being confident in what you do. As for Arijit and myself, we go back to knowing each other by almost a decade. We've seen it all. Lost and gained many valuable jobs. Every one of them was a struggle and requiring a sharp learning curve. Met and worked alongside many industry stalwarts. Everyone who graduates out of this academy should be better prepared than either of us were at our first jobs. Times have evolved. The competition is hard on you. You do not want to be left behind. The industry (while still being niche) needs fresh minds and new thinking. All the best.

Kaushik Bose

Venu Victor

Senior FX TD DNEG London
London, United Kingdom

Vfx is a form of art that blends creativity with technicality. Vfx industry has been growing day by day and has become one of the most sought after industry by the creative community today. Vfx industry is a global industry that is becoming a big part of the economic growth for many countries like Canada. This industry is evolving on a daily basis as new technologies coming in, this requires the Vfx artists to be always updating themselves as an ongoing endeavor. Arijit has been in the industry from long and has worked with some great companies like DreamWorks. In a few words, he is someone who loves his work and never gives up. I want to congratulate Arijit and his team a great success in delivering best of the knowledge to guide the new talents. With his type of leadership, I am sure that the Academy will grow and prosper. If you are someone who wants to blend your technical profession with your creative talent and still be highly rewarded for the work that you do, then this is definitely One of the best careers you could choose. With companies spread all over the world you have the option to work in some of the great countries of the world. The key is to always keep you updated about the latest developments in the industry and be ready to push that knowledge beyond its limits.

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