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Animation Made Easy: A Beginner's Guide

basic animation techniques

Do you want to become an animator? You can create the most realistic and exciting characters that will appear in movies and shows. You can also work in web design firms and craft the most attractive web pages and backgrounds. From Wall-E to The Lion King, animated movies have always captured the imagination of audiences. They are a beautiful way to tell a story. It is a creative and intensive way to make a movie. In many ways, shooting a film on a camera is much easier than rendering it through animation.

Today, we will look into the basics of animation that can help you understand how animation works and how you can become an animator. We will also talk about the best animation institute in Kolkata that can help you out. So, keep reading!

What is Animation?

Animation is the process of playing corresponding images in quick succession to create the illusion of movement. Essentially, the human eyes cannot detect the movement of the images, giving it the impression of sustained motion. Generally, animated films or videos do this by playing either 12 or 24 images per second of film. The process remains the same whether it is a 3D or 2D animation. The level of complexity may differ, though. 2D animation is generally more straightforward, while 3D animation has much more detail.

What Are Some Of The Types Of Animation?

Some of the prevalent types of animation include:

prevalent types of animation

Stop Motion Animation

This is the earliest type of animation technology used to make some of the first animated movies. This includes Mickey Mouse short movies and A Night Before Christmas. It is performed by slowly moving the characters, which are crafted by hand. Each frame is meticulously built by stacking up layer after layer of images. Since the character is slightly different in every frame, it creates the effect of motion when played rapidly.

2D Animation

We see examples of 2D animation all around us. It is, by far, the most prevalent use of animation technology. This is because it is simpler to do and cost-friendly. It takes a lot less time to do as well. Most cartoons that children watch on TV are done by 2D animation. However, 2D animation is not preferred nowadays for animated movies. Even though the earlier animated films were made using 2D, they lacked certain aspects like color ratio and LOD, which gave way to the next advancement.

3D Animation

3D animation is what people see in almost every animated movie of recent times. Some of the best-animated movies of all time, including Toy Story and Ratatouille, were completed using 3D animation technology. It allows for more detail inclusion and enables creators to draw realistic graphics and animations. It gives the viewers a more enriching experience by giving them better motion graphics and color chemistry. 3D animation technology is also crucial for video games, which is why we have seen video game graphics advance exponentially in the last two decades. The two industries have grown simultaneously, and it all comes down to the advancement of animation technology in general.

Some Simple Animation Techniques

basic animation techniques

These are some basic animation techniques that creators must know:

Rigging: It is a simple process whereby an animated character image is placed on a skeleton with points of movement for easy rendering and motion capture later on. It is a simplified process that has helped animators create better movements and motions on screen.

Easing: This is a process whereby the movement of characters or world elements is slowly decelerated, giving it a more look and feel. In the natural world, things never come to a stop abruptly, they slow down over time. Easing is similar to this process and helps create more natural movement.

Lighting: The name is self-explanatory. Lighting involves adding of light conditions that mimic natural sunlight to the minutest degree. Earlier, the process was done manually. With the advent of CGI, though, the entire process has gone digital. Game engines are constantly developing better light simulators, helping to create ever more realistic backgrounds and details.

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