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In Kolkata, how do you choose the best animation institute?


For creative people who want to mould their inventive ability, become passionate storytellers, and desire to work in the animation sector, the animation institute offers bright and great potential today.

Although animation is mostly employed in film and television, it is also necessary in other areas such as business organizations, corporate sales departments, engineering departments, as well as in institutions of higher learning and advertising firms.

Additionally, publishing companies and print media may employ animators. A proper education from any reputable animation institute is required for individuals who want to pursue careers in fields other than stereoscopic ones. Before enrolling in any animation programme, the first and most important thing to look for is quality course material that covers every area of animation. In addition to understanding about animation technically, proper knowledge of animation and creativity are needed. Here are some of the things that are covered below on how to pick a good animation Institute to attend in order to study the craft and the advantages of doing so.

The following are suggestions for choosing the best animation institute in Kolkata


The animation institute should be situated in a desirable area of the city with decent transportation options. To get to the institute, a candidate needs to take the metro or a reliable bus service. A applicant from outside the area must have access to the nearest train station. Keeping in mind the security of the female candidates, the animation institute should be in a suitable and secure place.

Curriculum Quality of the Courses

A research and development team often creates a thorough animation course curriculum for a good animation institute while keeping in mind the current market trend. A reputable animation institute offers its staff and students training that are of a high caliber. Periodically, faculty members receive training to keep them abreast of current business trends. Faculty members are brought up to date on all kinds of business developments, which improve their technical and creative abilities.


The best animation institute in kolkata offers its pupils top-notch lab facilities. High-end computers, Wacom tablets, and other top-notch tools are provided for the students' training. Their infrastructure is comparable to that utilised by the global animation and visual effects industries.

Coaching in the classroom takes place in a real-world setting

The student gains high end experience because of the abundance of facilities, which leads to their winning numerous accolades for their work.

Program for Practical Training

A reputable animation institute offers its pupils a training programme that is entirely practical.

This hands-on training programme for animation & VFX course gives the students a high level of professional efficiency.

The best practical training programme is provided by a good faculty.

Students' Achievements

Students' interviews are posted on the institute's website in the blog area, and occasionally their work portfolios are posted in the "student’s zone section" to display their accomplishments to the public. Student Testimonials- A solid animation institute will give prospective students and their parents a thorough statistical breakdown of what students had to say about the faculty, facilities, and, in particular, the placement service that the institute offers.

Activities & Special Program

After teaching practical skills, a good animation institute puts on events and programmes where the students can showcase their talent.

On major occasions like Rathyatra, Rakhi, Christmas celebration, etc., they organise creative competitions, student meets, and art exhibitions.

A good animation Institute would send its students to seminars and workshops led by business experts so they can demonstrate their creative abilities.

If you are looking for an animation training institute near you, conducting a search on keyword “ animation training institute near me” online or checking local directories can help you find the right institute that offers comprehensive training and opportunities to showcase your talent.


Finding the greatest institute for an animation course is one of the most difficult tasks, and while this is true, everyone must deal with numerous challenges in this process. Don't worry if you are searching for the same thing, Starblast Animation Institute is one of the best option for animation & VFX course.

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