An open-minded and experimental approach to animation in 2022

An open-minded and experimental approach to animation in 2022


With the New Year barely underway, graphic design trends are already fully operational and increasing the standard across the board. The trends increase interest in animation by combining nostalgia, movement, and open-mindedness in a fantastic way. Do you favor traditional animation on the low-fi end or intricate, hyper realistic CGI? What about modern or dynamic typography? Regardless, be prepared for the Animation trends 2022 because this year is all about being completely experimental.

Animated 3D forever 3D animation

Aiming to lend realism to the unrealistic, 3D is constantly developing. It tries for simplicity in shapes and colors as it becomes increasingly complex. The 3D style for 2022 is centered on adorable circular shapes in vibrant, contrasting hues that resemble lifelike clay figurines. The outcome is fantastic for children's entertainment videos and films.

It's time to put an end to the mass-produced, cheap, and lifeless 3D cartoons so that we can finally see how 3D can be just as imaginative and beautiful as the 2D masterpieces of our youth.

More Real than Real: Hyper-Realistic CGI

Hyperrealism can be produced when the boundaries between reality and animation are blurred. This particular kind of animation is what causes many to comment, "It appears more real than if it were real," in AAA video game cinematic. It can be a touch unsettling, but the level of detail that allows you to see the tiniest pores on the character's skin or the minuscule fissures in the armour is still incredibly astounding.

Recall the adorable Among Us characters that kept us entertained in 2019? They currently appear as follows in highly realistic CGI

Animation Psychedelic: Unreal Fever Dreams

In every area of graphic design, the twisted, melted, and warped aesthetics of the 1960s have made a strong reappearance. Naturally, in motion, they appear much more surreal and bizarre. As a counterculture, this tendency emerges to mirror the current state of disarray and find inner power. The amazing clarity of the pictures and captivating design of the animated flicks awaken our carefree attitude. Unfortunately, the general people may find the trend to be overwhelming. Being the antithesis of all trends, it will always hover just outside of the mainstream, never taking centre stage.


Characters in Flat Style: The New Marketing Standard

Although flat style is not very novel in terms of design trends, its popularity propelled it forward. Now, explainer videos and other animations connected to marketing use the flat design by default rather than just as a fad. The aesthetic is excellent for conveying intricate concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. Due to the fact that most people already link flat graphics with the "business art style," they are significantly simpler to animate and appear very professional.

If you're new to animation and are learning the fundamentals of 2D and 3D, you might want to do something fun and simple. Using puppets is the greatest place to start when creating 2D explainer movies or animated info graphics, particularly for business and marketing purposes. The most well-known program for animating your own mascots in real time is Adobe Character Animator, which uses your facial expressions and movements to accomplish it. Most essential, enjoy yourself greatly while doing it.

Modern and entertaining outline animation

The graphics are straightforward, which gives the imagination free reign. Amazing things can be done with just a few lines of animation. In reality, outline animations provide countless options for making everything from subtle, elegant animations to goofier, more playful ones. Due to the wide variety of design styles it incorporates, this style has become popular, so expect to see it frequently, especially in explainer films and web/mobile applications.


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